What age group is Montessori for?

Montessori education is separated into various cycles based on developmental planes.

Cycle 1: 0 – 3 years (infant and toddler)

Cycle 2: 3 – 6 years (Early Childhood)

Cycle 3: 6 – 9 years (Elementary – Foundation Phase)

Cycle 4: 9 – 12 years (Primary)

During The first and second Montessori cycle children work to develop themselves as independent people, grasping reality, acquiring facts and impressions. They are interested in what and where. To aid and develop children, our Training centre has developed exercises, established environments and tools which are divided into five categories:

1. Practical Life

These simple activities of daily living aid development of co-ordination and concentration and encourage independence. As well as establishing the work cycle, i.e. activity chosen and completed and returned to the shelf ready for the next child, the children get a sense of their own culture. Activities include pouring, washing, polishing, sweeping, food preparation, dressing and social skill development.

2. Sensorial

The Sensorial apparatus are designed to help the children to become more perceptive, to understand concepts and focus on details in the world around them. Activities involve grading, matching shapes, weight, colour, taste, sound and touch.

3. Language

The Language materials increase vocabulary, explore the sounds, syntax and grammar of the English language and help the children write and read. Language development is stimulated in all areas of the classroom.

4. Mathematics

The Mathematical materials are designed to take the child from the physical concept of numbers to an abstract level of understanding maths. Simple numeracy from 1 to 10, comprehension of the decimal system, operations, fractions and geometry.

5. Cosmic Education

The Cultural area includes elements of geography, history, art, craft, music, animals and plant classification, simple science experiments, social studies, drama and movement and foreign languages.

Additional modules Child developmental psychology and detailed exploration of Montessori philosophy and observation complete the holistic approach at The Montessori Campus.

As cycles 3 and 4 cater for children older than 6yrs, they are not covered at our centre.

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