“The Montessori Campus has been a great place to study the Montessori method, the lecturers are knowledgeable and there is a great sense of community between us as students and our lecturers.”


” I have learnt so much about myself during this course, I know this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. The support I have received during my time here has been phenomenal.”


” I have never felt that I could be an individual , be taught, respected, heard and understood like one. If I could relay this message to the individual child I would have laid a foundation of independent self-reliance to better theirs and our futures.”


” This course has changed my life. the lectures are carried out clearly and are very interesting. What I love most about this course is the depth the lecturer goes into with the philosophy. This provides a strong foundation for my future career as a Directress.”


” I’m really loving the Montessori course. We have a great lecturer with an awesome course. You really never want to miss a class!!!”


” The course is well put together and thorough. The lecturers are highly motivated and knowledgeable. I am proud to be associated with the programme they provide and hope that there will be more training institutions of this caliber throughout the country.”