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Who should study with The Montessori Campus?

Are you a parent wanting to understand your child better?

This course helps parents understand the natural laws of growth and self construction in a child. Thus as a parent, you can help the child to grow to his full potential , and not unwittingly hamper the path of nature. You can help your child become a fulfilled, independent, individual who will grow to be a contributive member of society.

Do you want to work with children?

This course is highly recommended for young people interested in helping small children. Our students work for a teaching diploma examination and at the same time, they are helped to attain a higher standard of education themselves with the help of written and practical work. On completion of the course, one could find suitable jobs in Montessori environments.

Are you a teacher needing inspiration?

This course is recommended to all experienced teachers of young children who wish to gain insight into the best way to individualize their teaching curriculum, so that children of mixed abilities may work at their own pace. Teachers should consider this course as an up-grade, and could implement the Montessori methodology in the conventional classroom.

Montessori trained teachers who wish to refine their skills and develop a deeper more in-depth understanding. Montessorians should consider modular training as a top-up to their existing qualification.

Do you want to help children with special needs?

The course covers in detail the needs of the handicapped child. The entire course will benefit immensely anyone wishing to teach handicapped children and will enable such children to be integrated into the classrooms in preparation for life in the community.

Do you want to open your own Montessori School?

As well as giving all the benefits described above, the course includes a thorough module on setting up a Montessori School, including basic office administration and classroom layout and design. Our team will give advice to any students who have successfully completed the course and who wish to start their own pre-school.