Become a Montessori teacher.


Thank you for your interest to study the Montessori Method with us. We’re conveniently located in Ferndale, Randburg, South Africa. Please schedule an observation of our model school to get a glimpse of the daily life in a Montessori School and to see if this method of teaching resonates with your personality.

The Montessori Campus welcomes applications from all candidates interested in pursuing a career as a Montessori educator. To ensure personal attention between student and trainer, class sizes are limited.

The Montessori Campus holds that success in the teaching profession in general, and in Montessori Education specifically requires a unique combination of abilities and skills. Montessori teachers throughout the history of this educational movement have come from a variety of backgrounds. Our admissions requirements and procedures are designed with this in mind, allowing applicants ample opportunity to demonstrate sincere interest and ability to develop the skills and knowledge needed for success in both this teacher education program and their career as a Montessori Educator.

Fluency in both spoken and written English is required of all The Montessori Campus students. Students for whom English is not their first language will be required to provide proof of proficiency in the English language through written assessment and phone or interviews. In some cases TOEFL scores may be required.

Course programme

The course programme includes lectures and demonstrations on Montessori philosophy, child development Theories and the Montessori materials. Each course also includes significant components of observation, supervised practice with the materials, material making and teaching practice.
Course participants are provided with:

  1. Five text books
  2. All 7 full colour printed manuals
  3. Level one first aid and infant/child CPR
  4. Original Alphabetter Font



Course participants may loan from the Montessori Campus library or buy additional reading matter they may require.

Classroom Learning Phase will consist of face to face lectures, reading and written assignments, class discussions, special projects, and documented independent practice time. The student should expect to spend a minimum of 15 hours per week, home study, on this on-going module work.

Practicum Phase students will complete an internship of 20 weeks in an approved Montessori Early Childhood classroom with guidance from a certified and experienced Montessori supervising teacher or mentor. The internship must consist of at least a half-day (5 hours), five days per week during the Montessori work cycle. The Practicum Phase will also include observations in both the internship classroom and other Montessori classrooms.

Teaching credential

The Montessori Campus is proud to be certified with the ETDP SETA (number 2022) for an NQF level 5 (23118)64650 National Diploma: Early Childhood Development.

The Montessori Campus is affiliated with The Center for Guided Studies (CGMS) and The International Montessori Council (IMC), an established Montessori professional organization dedicated to supporting Montessori schools, teachers, and students.

We are a Training Institute Member of the South African Montessori Association and a member of the Montessori Trainers Forum of South Africa.

Course summary

18 months (end Aug 2021)

10 March 2020

Tuesday and Thursday
18h00 till 20h30

Montessori Campus
Ferndale Recreation Centre
38 Harley Street, Ferndale

20 weeks to be completed concurrently with the course or after final examinations.

150 hours to be used for submission of the observation assignment.